Hyalyn Ashtrays
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White "bowtie"
White "classic"
Gold oval lipped
Olive rounded square
Gray shallow dish
Blue-gray "maze"
Rose and white square
Brick "spaceship"
Brick "teardrop"
Brick "fish"
Yellow "teardrop"
Yellow "circle"
White square with blue-gray bowl
Brown "boat"
Brown round
White "boat"
Olive square
Brown rectangle
Small white bowtie
Beige "hourglass"
Olive shallow dish
White "sawtooth"
Taupe "triangle"
White round
White globe
Brick "eye"
Small gray "teardrop" pair
Blue-green truncated circle
Blue-green bowtie
Black shallow dish
Brick concentric squares
Brown round dish
Tan curved tray
Mustard "boat"
Pink curved tray
White "shark jaw"
White "circle square"
Mint "diagonal"
Brick offset circles
Brick "fingers"

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